Rhonda Paice

Rhonda is the Managing Director of WTC.

My areas of expertise: I have visited over 47 countries and there are even more places on my list. I have slept under a thousand stars in the deserts of Jordan and under the ceilings of five star hotels. I have ballooned over the Serengeti and Valley of the Kings, climbed Machu Picchu and the Great Wall of China and sailed along the great rivers of Europe. I have been to Africa 7 times and I have more trips planned.  I love trains and I have travelled on some of the most spectacular and luxurious trains in the world.

My next planned holiday:  I am still fascinated by the middle east so a trip to Israel is on the cards or I may do a driving holiday around Iceland.  In August I will visiting Scotland for a wonderful tour and then Jersey in the Channel Islands.

What is your favourite travel memory? Keeping the story of Father Christmas alive by taking my two small grand-daughters to visit him at his home in the north pole, Rovaniemi, Finland. Also advising my daughter not to get sucked in to buying a carpet in Turkey and then walking out the shop with one myself!

What is something you can't travel without? My sense of adventure and my red stilettos for dancing. 

Caroline Davis

Caroline is a director of WTC.

My areas of expertise:  I have travelled to Greece, Italy and France several times.  If you are interested in River Cruising, talk to me, I am the River Cruise expert.

I would love to share with you my favourite destinations and all my hints and tips. 

I love luxury hotels, cocktails by the beach and finding quirky bars.

What is your favourite travel memory? Sipping a cocktail on the edge of the caldera of Santorini.

Where do you want to go next: In December 2019 I will hosting our annual Christmas Market cruise from Prague to Basel and in March 2020 I will be off to Antarctica for a luxurious cruise on board the Scenic Eclipse.

What is something you can't travel without? My portable pegless washing line! 

Cristy Joslin

Cristy is a Senior Travel Consultant. 

My areas of expertise: Detailed European and American itineraries.  I have been selling retail travel for almost 20 years and I still love putting together personalised journeys. 

I love Europe and the beautiful architecture but I love history even more.  Egypt has been one of my favourite places to visit  but now I am bitten by the Africa bug!

Where have you been lately? In October I revisited Port Douglas for a well deserved rest and then I headed out of Safari through Kenya.

Where do you want to go to next? Hong Kong for shopping and back allies.

What is your favourite travel memory? Crusing the Nile in Egypt and seeing King Tutankhamun's tomb. 

What is something you can't travel without? A great book.

Rosalind Russell
Jasmine Middleton

Rosalind is a Senior Travel Consultant

My areas of expertise:  I have been in the travel industry for over 20 years and travelled to many countries including the majority of Europe & UK; Asia, namely Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, China, Japan, Mongolia, India; and Kenya, Tanzania & Egypt in Africa.  I really enjoy putting together the dream holidays of my clients, whether it be an independent tour of Vietnam or a fully inclusive luxury grand tour around Europe. Cruising is also something that I specialise in. I am a Commodore (highest level of training) with both P&O and Princess cruises


What is your favourite travel memory? There are many…Watching the spectacular landscape of China, Mongolia and Russia slide by onboard the Trans Mongolian Railway; Making it to the top of Mt Kinabalu and hanging out with the orangutans of Borneo; Sailing down the Nile in a felucca; walking the streets of Paris and picnicking in the many gardens; hearing lions walking around outside my tent in the Serengeti……

Where do you want to go next: Canada and cruise the inside passage of Alaska or a Hawaiian beach holiday and cruise around the islands or self-drive around New Zealand…..there are too many places yet to visit on this amazing planet.

What is something you can't travel without? A great book, and more recently my 2 young children (although they don’t necessarily go hand in hand!)



Jasmine is an Intermediate Travel Consultant. 

My areas of expertise: I have travelled to Europe, the United States and Asia. Recently I went to Turkey and I was surprised at how wonderful this country is.  The food is sensational and the jewellery shopping is beyond belief.  I can highly recommend this destination.

My next planned holiday: Is Bali for a family holiday and then back to Finland with my mum and little boy Jude so that he can meet Santa.

What is your favourite travel memory?  Turning 6 at Disneyland California and not wanting the day to end.  I told my mum and dad that it was the best day of my whole life.  Also going to Italy for my honeymoon, driving a Ferrari and making pasta in northern Italy.

What is something you can't travel without? My hair straightener.



April Finlayson

April is a Junior Travel Consultant. 

My areas of expertise: I have travelled across America and Canada, Hawaii, all over Europe with Contiki and Top Deck and parts of Asia.  I have just returned from a driving holiday through Western Canada and did all the adventure activities on offer.

My next planned holiday/where have you been lately: I will be cruising with MSC Cruise Line around the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia.

What is your favourite travel memory?  Seeing the Walt Disneyworld fireworks show and knowing that I was going to work there as part of my Tourism Diploma.

What is something you can't travel without? My phone, what can I say, I'm a generation Z.

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