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"Where is Namibia?". 

This was the first question people asked me when I returned in February this year. 
The second question was, "What was there?".
Namibia is in the southwest of the African Continent.  The Atlantic Ocean is its western boundary.  It is a country of ochre and scarlet deserts, towering sand dunes and azure blue skies. It is a country of ancient Gwondana landscapes, not at all dissimilar to the Kimberley in West Australia. 

This was my 7th trip to Africa and I was overwhelmed by the stark beauty of Namibia.  



In November 2017, I went gorilla trekking through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in central Uganda. This trip was not for the fainthearted or unfit. 

We hacked our way through dense jungle for over 3 hours and finally found a family of mountain gorillas, eating and playing. 

Our group spent 1 hour watching these great primates.  The primates spent 20 seconds watching us and then got on with the job of eating!


Beijing to St. Petersburg

What a trip, below are some photos of our 2016 journey.

European Contiki Tour

In 2017, April embarked on a 37 day Contiki Tour around Europe.